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Tuesday, April 23, 2024 6:35 AM EST

Actual Testimonials from DriversNow Members

I have been with drivers now for over a month and have had great success with them, they deal with nothing but the besst limo services and I can say from experience I have had no bad experience, the pay was always there and the companys under their umbrella are top notch. I would suggest and reccomend any limo service to join they are great. ... truly a great service............. most important YOU GET PAID.....thanks guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erik Davis
Dels Limo & Courier LLC

DriversNow network site is a great resource for any serious limousine company with a desire to grow and expand. It is a tremendous help for new operators as well as for the veterans in this industry. It is not a new idea; it is something that we needed all along. I wish we had this kind of opportunity 15 years ago when we were at the beginning of our journey. I want to thank DriversNow's staff for everything that they have done for my company. They removed the headache of verifying different operators for us. They have connected us with a number of different quality operators and provided ease in covering our jobs throughout the country. Even though we have plenty of jobs to farm-out, we are also farming-in. It is all about having a nice and solid schedule at the end of the day. Don't come back empty from the airport! Do a job for your affiliated company! You have just doubled your price.

Saso Poposki
Founder and CEO, U.S. Limousine Services, Inc.
Chicago, IL

Since I've been working with Drivers Now, it's been a great experience. I will recommend Drivers Now to any of my business affiliates.

Oswaldo Cruz
United Limo LLC

We have been using for a few weeks and it's been very successful. Most of the jobs are well priced and are at times when the cars are normally idle. This of course is increases your bottom line.

Lou Cinque
America's Best Limos

Since joining with Drivers Now, we have had a great experience. The service has been efficent and easy!

Creative Bus
Seattle, WA

What a nice concept. the jobs that i got from here is like i found money walking down the street. and if ur stuck with a job u cant cover, they will cover for u. this is a no brainer. u guys are like heaven send.anyone who is in a limo business and does not sign up for this is a fool."

Max Party Bus
Fairfield, NJ

Just letting you Know I was skeptical when I First Used your Service. That's why I was reluctant to join.After giving you the chance. That has changed. I accepted a run from your website and it went flawless and we got paid and made my initial investment back plus more. Once again thank you for making me aware of you web site.

Paul Diaz
United Limousine & Charter, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

I wanted to take this moment to thank you for the wonderful job on your DriversNow networking site. It really helps our business run smoothly. Now when I have extra work I don't have to worry about how to get it covered. Your website has a diverse and a large selection of operators with different limos and vehicles to choose from. I also signed up as an operator to farm in work. The site really helps out when I am slow with my regular business because I can always count on receiving a job or two from DriversNow. Thank you from Millie, a member for life.

Millie Hassan
Owner, Freedom Limousine

DriversNow has removed any limitations we used to have when farming out work, we used to have to chase our affiliates to see if they cover our jobs, and even then they made us feel like they were doing me favor by covering my job even though they were making money. Since I started using driversnow, our farming out process has streamlined, I don't have to chase operators any more, I simply post my open jobs on driversnow for free and operators chase me now to do my job. T his site has been a HUGE help in expanding our business

Moe Sattar
Founder/President, Safe Rides Unlimited

You have helped me out in the bad times, especially during the slow season. We are surviving in this economy with the service you are providing. With your help, all of our vehicles are on the road. We are very satisfied with the service that you are providing.

Felix Reyes
Owner, K and G Limousine

Since I've started with Drivers Now, they have provided a fantastic service. I see no other company that can compete with Drivers Now.

Rule Imhotep
Owner, Independent Transportation Services

I find the site very convenient, I get alerts from Drivers Now every time a job gets posted. The information is nice and detailed. It helps me run my business more efficiently. I really like this service.

Joe Ahmed
Owner, Longhill Limo

I'm a new member to their group, and I must say, this is a great idea, and a wonderful site. They have created a good model here. They seem to have put a lot of thought into designing an application that really works. Ideal for this slow economy! Two Thumbs Up.......

Peter Argiros
Owner, Road Max Limousine

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