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Saturday, October 23, 2021 6:20 AM EST

Farming out with DriversNow is Safe

  • Owner-operators are verified to have valid license, vehicle registration and liability insurance.
  • Review feedback and rating on operators from previous employers before hiring.
  • Interview operators online without revealing your identity.

Operators are Verified

Majority of owner-operators have signed up through a referral or direct contact with DriversNow account executives. Our staff personally knows almost all owner-operators.

During the registration operators provide valid state-issued license, copy of vehicle registation and proof of liability insurance (Acord Certificate). Operators are required to have Drivers Now, LLC as an additional insured. DriversNow retains copies of operators' paperwork and can share it with employers upon request.

Operators pass thorough background checks and finger-printing when they obtain or renew their license.

Operators are Rated by Previous Employers

Like eBay buyers and sellers, DriversNow users rate and leave feedback on each other after each driving job. Before you make hiring decision, you will be able to review comments from previous employers on driver performance. The 5-star scale rating allows you to identify the best drivers quickly.

Operators are aware of the feedback system and its impact on your selection process. They try hard to do their best serving customers in order to earn great reviews. You will know if driver arrives on time, treats customers with courtesy, dresses appropriately and does a good job overall.

You Choose Who to Hire

You have free access to all driver profiles that match your job requirements. Feel free to review their work history, specialties, vehicles owned and other details.

Without revealing your identity or specific job details, you will be able to interview drivers and operators online using DriversNow messaging system. Ask them questions on their experience, previous assignments or driving history. You can communicate with many drivers and offer your job only to those you like. In the end, it's your decision who to hire.


all drivers and operators are verified
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