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Tuesday, April 23, 2024 8:04 AM EST

Farm Out Work to Operators Quick and Easy!

DriversNow is the most efficient vendor-to-vendor ride exchange platform that streamlines the processes of farming out and farming in on both local and national levels. It allows you to take all customer reservations regardless of vehicle availability.
  • Save time and make money by using our job matching technology to find licensed and verified operators to cover the rides you cannot handle.
  • Integrate job posting with your existing reservation system
  • Receive instant matches to your job posting based on location, availability, vehicle type and capacity.
  • Name your price and get operators willing to work for that pay.
  • Absolutely No Risk! NO membership fees, FREE unlimited job postings, FREE access to drivers' profiles and work history.

How to Farm Out ...

It takes a minute to post your first job. In your job posting you specify if your job is hourly, one-way or round-trip. You will be asked for the pickup address, date and time, type of vehicle needed, rate and other details. Customer and your contact information is only displayed to an operator after you have selected them for the job.

Once the job is posted, you are immediately matched with available operators that match your job requirements. You can review their profiles, read feedback on their performance from others and offer your job to those you like. When you post a new job, we notify all the operators whose profiles match the job. They have the ability to apply for your job. This helps us make the process of farming out a ride quick and efficient. You can communicate with the candidates by using our messaging system.

After you accept an operator for your job or they accept your job offer, both parties are provided with each others contact info and the operator receives complete job details. You can contact the Operator to confirm the details of the job.

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