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Thursday, August 18, 2022 7:49 PM EST

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the system work?
    You post a job and you are instantly matched up with verified operators based on the criteria specified in your particular job.
  2. Does it cost anything to farm out?
    Farming out work through DriversNow is free.
  3. So, what's the catch? How do you guys make money?
    DriversNow charges operators that pick up your rides.
  4. I already have a network of affiliates that I use and am happy with. Why should I use you guys?
    DriversNow provides you with a safe, efficient, and profitable platform that gives you freedom to farm out locally or nationally without having to pickup your phone and call any of your affiliates to see if they are available. You simply post the job and the affiliates apply for your job. Even if you already have a network of affiliates, DriversNow can be used as a backup in case your existing affiliates cannot cover the ride.
  5. Can any limo operator just sign up and take jobs off the site?
    No, DriversNow has a strict verification process that all operators must comply with in order to be an active member of our network and be able to cover rides for other members. We ask for state licenses and DOT permits, business references, vehicle registration, and insurance documents with DriversNow as additional insured. Operators also sign the Agreement and provide detailed vehicle information. In addition, DriversNow has an ongoing feedback process through its rating system within the site, which gives you a reference on each job that has been done on the site by that company. Read more about operator verification.
  6. Can I communicate with operators before hiring?
    Yes, our message system allows you to ask drivers questions before selecting them for a job. So, you can interview the driver online and avoid surprises. Drivers can also ask you questions about the job. Your identity and the selected driver's identity are not revealed until you both agree on hiring.
  7. How do I know if someone applied or accepted my job?
    You will be notified via email when your job offer has been accepted or when someone has applied for your job.
  8. How does payment work when you farm out? Do I pay you guys and then you pay them?
    No, you are put in direct contact with the operator covering your ride and you handle payment directly with the other party. DriversNow is simply a matching service. We match you with available operators that can cover your ride to eliminate guess work and headaches normally associated with farming out work.
  9. What do I have to do to create an account?
    Click here to sign up or if you are ready post your first job and your account will be created automatically.
  10. Can I pickup jobs from this site as well as farm out?
    Yes, DriversNow allows you to both farm in and farm out using the same account.
  11. Still have questions?
  12. Contact us to get the answers.
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