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Tuesday, April 23, 2024 7:55 AM EST

About DriversNow

DriversNow is a trusted national ride exchange network for Farming Out and Farming In limousine driving jobs. Luxury ground transportation companies use DriversNow to outsource ("farm out") work that they cannot handle due to vehicle unavailability or any other reason. DriversNow also gives independent operators the ability to cover work for other companies ("farm in").

DriversNow is devoted to bringing efficiencies and social networking benefits of the Web 2.0 into the ground passenger transportation industry. Its mission is to develop innovative solutions that allow transportation companies, owner-operators, and drivers to connect and use the services of each other with ease and confidence.

The key value in farming out with DriversNow is the ability to instantly reach out to a nationwide network of verified operators and get the job done in a professional manner with maximum profits. Limousine companies can have their extra work covered all the time and take additional reservations for vehicles that are not available. DriversNow creates an excellent opportunity for growing limousine businesses to expand their operations without acquiring new vehicles, increasing insurance costs, or hiring extra drivers.

DriversNow provides an excellent source of work for operators with substantial income opportunities. Operators access real local jobs that match their skills, vehicles, and availability. This is a significant improvement over quote systems that simply create leads and provide little chance for actually getting those jobs. Operators can use DriversNow as a primary source of work or take additional rides only when their own business is slow. Having vehicles on the road 100% of the time significantly increases total revenues.

Drivers Now, LLC has offices Pine Brook, NJ and in Irvine, CA. It was founded in June 2009 by Moe Sattar, visionary and industry insider, and Andre Polakoff, a senior technology executive.

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