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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the charges?
    The DriversNow membership is FREE. There is no charge for your first job. For your next 10 jobs you only pay low introductory 5% fee. If the job pays $200, your fee is $10. After that, the standard job fee is 7.5%. That's all. Credit card is not required to sign up.
  2. How do you know which jobs to match me with?
    When you create your operator profile, you specify which types of vehicles you operate, the area your company serves, and your availability. You will only be matched with jobs in your service area that require your type of vehicles.
  3. How will I know when matching job is posted?
    You will be notified by email when a job has been posted that you are matched up with.
  4. Are these real jobs or just leads?
    There are no leads or bidding on DriversNow. You are being matched up with real jobs from real limousine companies that are looking to farm out rides. Other jobs are for customer rides booked on
  5. How do I get paid?
    Each job has the payment terms stated clearly. If you have an issue with the terms or would like to negotiate the price of a ride you can do so using the messaging system. You are responsible for making direct payment arrangements with the job posters. Typically, a customer will pay you directly in the vehicle with cash or credit card.
  6. Am I obligated to take the jobs if someone offers it to me?
    No, there is no obligation to accept any job. You are in full control of what jobs you do.
  7. Can I ask job posters questions about the jobs?
    Yes, our message system allows you to ask job posters questions about the job.
  8. How can I learn more about the job poster?
    Each time a driver performs a driving job for a job poster, he or she is invited to provide a rating and feedback. This helps you and other drivers in considering future opportunities from the same job poster.
  9. Can job posters provide ratings and feedback on me when I drive for them?
    Yes, they can. This is so that other job posters can assess their applicant pool. It is important to do a good job for those who hire you and not to misrepresent yourself and your qualifications on the DriversNow site, as all job histories are recorded and available to all future job posters.
  10. What paperwork do you require?
    In order to become part of the DriversNow network as an operator covering rides for others, you will have to be verified by DriversNow. We confirm that every operator has valid licenses, DOT permits, and insurance. There is an agreement to sign. We also check business references. Read more about operator verification.
  11. How do I create an account?
    Click sign up to begin the process. No credit card is need for online registration.
  12. Can I farm out from this site as well as pickup jobs?
    Yes, DriversNow allows you to both farm in and farm out using the same account.
  13. Still have questions?
  14. Contact us to get answers for other questions.
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